Adobe After Effects CC 2018


Adobe After Effects CC 2018 – is software to create Visual effects or Motion Graphic. This software is very popular throughout the world including in Indonesia. This software was developed by Adobe Systems and was first released on April 3, 2018 for the Microsoft Windows and MAC operating systems. This software is very often used for making films and television shows. With this software you can create a variety of visual effects that you can later add to your video to make it look more attractive. Adobe After Effects CC 2018 comes with a variety of new features, improved performance and bug fixes in the previous series such as Advanced Puppet Tool features: Advanced Pins and Bend Pins that allow you to control the movements of your animation such as enlarging and rotating, for the Pin feature Bend itself you can make different deformations by bending and bending your animation, then the Z-Depth feature that can now be extracted by 3D Channel effect, new javascript engine, improvements to Editr and UX, improvements to the Motion Graphics templates feature, Color Lumetri feature Curves control, a new feature that allows you to import files from Adobe Animate to After Effects as a .swf file, support for VR 180 and many other features.




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