Adobe Flash Player


Adobe Flash Player – is a cross platform browser based on runtime application that provides expressive application views, content contents, videos on desktop screens and browser programs.

Installed by more than 950 million users connected to the internet through desktops and mobile devices, Flash Player allows organizations and individuals to build and provide a great digital experience for its users. 
Software made by Adobe System Inc. is very useful for those of you who usually browse on the internet, especially for streaming or downloading videos. 
This freeware is now available for Windows, Mac, and the Linux operating system. 
New features in Adobe Flash Player:
– Video content and applications with full screen mode. 
– Low bandwidth usage, high quality video with advanced compression technology. 
– Multi threaded video decoding 
– Automatic update if connected to the internet
– Additional image formats: GIF, Progressive JPEG, and PNG. 
The function of Adobe Flash Player is:
1. Play videos on video sharing sites like Youtube & Vimeo 
2. Play songs or Mp3s with Soundcloud embed code. 
3. Open TV Online Streaming and SWF format files 
4. Chat on social networking sites like Facebook and Yahoo Mail.



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