Chromixium OS 1.0 (32-bit)


Chromium OS is an interesting project that brings Chrome OS, Google’s lightweight operating system for its Chromebook laptops, to any system. Some of its contents include a version of Linux based on Ubuntu and a modified window manager, Openbox, that preserves all the characteristics related to modularity and simplicity of the software it’s based on.

The philosophy of Chromixium is based on using the cloud to carry out all types of everyday tasks and putting the flexibility and connectivity of Chromium/Chrome at the center of it all. Using this as the basis, this program tries to get away from working with local files and encourages using the email reader and office tools (Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Drive) in order to create new files.

In eliminating working with local files the majority of the time, there is less consumption of resources, making this operating system ideal for computers or devices with limited capabilities. It functions perfectly with devices that run 512MB of RAM or processors of 1Ghz. The ISO takes up less than 1GB of memory. Like the other products of Ubuntu, the image of Chromixium OS can be run as Live-CD, burnt onto a physical CD or inserted onto an external USB, which might be useful since you won’t have to use up any of the local resources on your PC.


Chromixium OS 1.0 (32-bit)


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