Linux Mint 18.1 Serena (32-bit)


Linux Mint is an operating system that is based on the Linux distribution Ubuntu and Debian only it’s designed to be simpler and easier to use than these two. As it is based on Ubuntu, all the software made for the Canonical distribution is also functional on Linux Mint.

Once of the main points that justify the need for Linux Mint is the large number of codecs, drivers, sources, and programs that were not included by defect on Ubuntu, because of its restricted license in some countries, that now come included from the start on this distribution.

More advantages offered by Linux Mint include applications created expressly for the management of different parts of the system, such as program installation, the running of programs, software updates and desktop customization.

The complete absence of viruses or spyware, and the security offered by Linux in several distributions that include it, such as Linux Mint, are other points to take into account.

This distribution is completely free and open source, and is recommended for both personal home users and work or business users.

Functions and other interface features are added periodically making for an increasingly more exclusive experience. The look and appearance of menus, window management, the desktop’s autonomy, and even the catalogue of available software on the package installer, are things that continue to make Linux Mint much more than just an Ubuntu variant. Plus, if you don’t feel confident enough to create or edit hard disk partitions, Linux Mint offers a tool that will allow it to be installed directly from Windows.


Linux Mint 18.1 Serena (32-bit)


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