Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 (32-bit)


Since the launch of Unity, many Ubuntu users have been missing many of the features present in GNOME. Thanks to his fans, Ubuntu GNOME is now a reality.

Ubuntu GNOME is the official version of Ubuntu with the GNOME desktop, so that we can be at the same level as Kubuntu or Xubuntu.

If we consider that Ubuntu has always used the GNOME desktop, we can see Ubuntu GNOME as the legitimate heir of the most popular versions of Ubuntu, especially after Unity has shocked many loyal users.

This program includes all of the applications that can be found in Ubuntu, including the services of Ubuntu One or the Ubuntu Software Center among others.

Furthermore, it also includes the GNOME Shell, which has had its desktop interface adapted to all the new needs of users. GNOME applications and services have been integrated and have been given the ability to expand within the system.

Former Ubuntu users will feel much more comfortable handing the applications and managing the system found in this program instead of switching to Kubuntu or Xubuntu. Ubuntu and GNOME are very compatible and work better together than Ubuntu and any other desktop program.

If Unity does not satisfy you, you will find that the GNOME alternative is much more attractive and compatible with the Ubuntu system.


Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 (32-bit)


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